with the compact CHOQ steamer you can make the very best chocolate drinks from the best chocolate and fresh milk, water or vegan milk within 25 seconds

CHOQ on your menu

Not long ago coffee was still on the menu. Now Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte Machiato and so on are the most normal thing in the world. This is now also possible with chocolate. From the CHOQ espresso to After Eight and from CHOQ on-ice to vegan.

With the best chocolate brewing system, a wide variety of the best chocolates from all over the world and your creativity, you can now become the best chocolate barista.

in your business?

If you want the tastiest cold and hot CHOQs on the menu and you have a modest place for the patented CHOQ steamer (only 16cm wide), you can now. If you are willing and able to serve 1 large can of CHOQ chocolates (or 2 small canisters) per week for a period of 12 or 24 months, you can already start. If you want to arrange this with CHOQ, you will receive the CHOQ steamer and all necessary support (glasses, table cards, etc.) for a small rental price. Deliver of the chocolate will be per parcel post.

nothing to worry about

During the contract period, CHOQ will ensure that the equipment functions properly. All costs for maintenance, repair or exchange of the machine are at the expense of CHOQ, as long as you as a user only use the steamer for the preparation of the CHOQ chocolate products and you take good care of the stuff.

get started right away

You buy 12 large cans of your choice from CHOQ and ou will receive the CHOQ steamer with:

- different steam tools for regular, esspresso and vegan

- CHOQ espresso jug

- the Barista & Co measuring scoop

- 12 CHOQ glasses

- the presentation / test tin

- POS material

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wat does CHOQ do for me?

- it increases your turnover all year round with distinctive, fanc new drinks based on real chocolate
- ideal workflow: with the push of a button you can serve a top-quality chocolate drink
- support through workshops by and for the absolute chocolate experts for the trendiest recipes
- interesting in terms of price - offers an interesting margin. 

become a CHOQ barista 

If you want to become the best chocolate barista, special CHOQ training courses will soon be available at the largest barista training center in the Netherlands, ITC Academy. Inspiring, educational and great fun!

just order CHOQ

You can of course also order the CHOQ chocolate pastilles without a machine. Not the best way, but still very good chocolate. All CHOQ cans can be ordered via the webshop. Go directly to the shop>

summer and winter with CHOQ

The CHOQ method makes it possible to make a wide range of hot CHOQ's but also cold CHOQ's. Also try the CHOQ Espresso, View the cool recipes>

become creative with CHOQ

You can't think of it, or you can do with CHOQ. Mix with coffee, spirits or nitro. 

CHOQ experience

Offer your customer the CHOQ experience: the very best chocolate drinks in the tastiest glasses. And  let them try a taste sample of the great flavors that you can serve by using the nice presentation tin.