the cacao

Like other tree fruits, cocoa is infused with flavors from its harvest area. The seeds are packed with nutrition and when harvested, fermented and dried, they reveal the uniqueness of their special origin. Since 2008, the Bean Team of Original Beans, our supplier of our chocolates, has been traveling to the rarest places on Earth to bring “original beans” to you. Each of our beans has a story to tell. We invite you to taste and try them all in the tastiest recipes.

the bean team

Every day, the Bean Team travels far to find previously undiscovered, forgotten and tucked cocoa beans for our chocolates. They experience exciting adventures, meet native tribes and are sometimes cut off from the outside world for weeks. The Bean Team is responsible for direct trade with our farmers and the implementation of the One Tin Two Tree program.

the chocolate

An amazing cocoa collection with unforgettable characters that tell distant stories with every sip. Original Beans is expanding the cultivation of these special cocoa varieties, so that more farming families protect their land and earn a living income. To date, over 2 million trees have been grown in this Original Beans program. Tree planting efforts are carefully coordinated to strengthen farmers, their families and the entire living environment and protect endangered species.

single dark

soft dark chocolate

Esmeraldas - Ecuador

You will taste a touch of flowers, tropical fruit and nuts in this Nacional bean. The cocoa balance is soft, like the tree-slothing sloths under the canopy of Ecuador's last cloud forest, where threatened tree frogs bask in the wind.

intense milk

strong dark milk chocolate

Virunga National Park - Congo

The essence of roasted nuts and cappuccino inspire and enhance the power of the intense milk. The strong taste is a tribute to the strong female farmers who save lives in Virunga.

creamy white

pure white chocolate

Yuna River Valley - Dominican Rep.

Sweet impressions of bananas, milk and cocoa butter slowly paint a golden portrait of life in the Yuna River Valley. This white chocolate is free from additives and contains no lecithin and no vanilla.

golden fudge

caramelized white chocolate with velvety caramel flavor

Steamed with milk reveals a completely new taste experience: a drinkable fudge with a naturally warm blonde color. It is incomparable and a real revelation for lovers of white and milk chocolate.