The CHOQ brewing system has been specially developed for the preparation of the very best hot chocolate. All professionals are unanimous: it is currently the best and fastest way to prepare hot chocolate. In addition, the brewing system makes it possible to prepare recipes that require a lower temperature. Think of vegetable milk, which does not tolerate high temperatures well or e.g. a chocolate espresso that requires much less water or milk. Because under normal circumstances chocolate must have a certain time and temperature to be able to melt completely, this is normally not possible.

With the CHOQ brewing system, it is, because it is equipped with various programs and tools for the preparation of regular chocolate milk, vegan chocolate and espresso. For example, the chocolate espresso in combination with crushed ice is particularly suitable to serve as a powerful cold CHOQ or CHOQ on-ice.

Once you get started with the machine, a world of new possibilities for innovative cold and hot drinks will open up for you!

Anyone can operate the machine with the OneTouch function. No specific skills are required to run the different programs. So with the push of a button you prepare an esprosso, vegan or regular. Everything ready to serve in 25 seconds.

The steam is injected into the product through the patented steam pipes. The are designed to be easy to take on and off and therefore easy to clean. The use of steam is efficient. With less energy, it brings the product quickly and safely to the desired temperature. The CHOQ steamer does not require a water connection.

The CHOQ steamer is designed for preparing single portions. Consumers and professionals embrace the steam method as the healthy alternative. Steaming hot chocolate is a simple and unique process. The patented brewing system melts all cocoa within 25 seconds

The CHOQ steamer is a very powerful machine, yet surprisingly compact. With a width of only 16 cm, the CHOQ steamer fits in almost any work situation.