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father and son

Rein Cramer started his company more than 20 years ago with the aim of developing new products and markets for the supermarket channel. The largest retailers in the Netherlands and Northern Europe. Many new products have reached the market in collaboration with German, French, Danish and Italian companies. Italian cuisine has been the main source of inspiration for the last 10 years. To this day, some of the best bakeries and pasta producers work with and for him on a group of products tailor made to the needs and requirements of food service and retail.

A few years ago, son Tim joined the team. With his arrival, a major innovation boost has been made. This resulted, among other things, in the CHOQ steamer. The steam technology designed by Rein and Tim from scratch to a working device is undeniably one of the most innovative developments in food, with CHOQ as the kick-off.

Rein and Tim are newcomers to the world of coffee, tea and cocoa. But the work closely with the best producers, are supported by the greatest connoisseurs and inspired by the best professionals in chocolate. And with the development of CHOQ, Rein and Tim are enabled to give something back to society. Because all cocoa for CHOQ comes from Original Beans, which works closely on site and trades with cocoa farmers from very biodiverse regions in South America and Africa. The farmers in these Original Beans projects are paid 2 to 3 times the market price for the cocoa beans, which grow wild in the rainforest or semi-wild as mixed crops, but never on plantations. Good for the people. Good for nature.