from hot chocolate to CHOQ regular, vegan, CHOQ on-ice or cold CHOQ with the unique brewing system

now it's time for chocolate

In early days, ordering a cup of coffee was the standard. But now, Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte Machiato are the most normal thing in the world.

So now the time is right to enter a new phase with chocolate drinks. We are ready and CHOQ makes it possible with the best chocolate brewing system. Patented for and by CHOQ. We use the most honest and sustainable chocolate from South America and Africa. The chocolate that many of the world's best restaurants work with. Taste the espresso from Colombia of dark chocolate steamed chocolate with water or the hot chocolate of intense milk chocolate from Congo steamed with whole milk: the best chocolate drink you've ever had, hot or cold. Be creative with CHOQ and become the best chocolate barista.

the best taste by using steam

After three years of development, we can proudly present the the CHOQ steamer. The ultimate way to blend chocolate and milk.

Patented and specially developed for the barista, the steamer does exactly what you want: it steams time after time and super fast the perfect chocolate drink made from real chocolate and fresh milk, water or vegetable drinks.

From now on, your creativity has no boundaries, even if the customer wants coconut, oat or soy milk as a basis. Because also at lower temperatures, when you don't use cow's milk, all cocoa melts. This is only possible with the CHOQ steamer.

CHOQ brewing method

With the CHOQ steamer you get the best flavors from the cocoa. She ensures that all cocoa melts with the milk. So no more hassle with chocolate drops that don't melt well in frothed milk.

Steaming hot chocolate is a simple but also a unique process. The patented brewing system melts all cocoa within 25 seconds. Read more>

CHOQ's pure chocolates

All CHOQ chocolates are developed to make the best chocolate drinks. The cocoa for CHOQ comes from very biodiverse regions in South America and Africa. Original Beans, our cocoa partner, works closely on site and deals directly with the cocoa farmers. The cocoa for all our chocolates grow wild in the rainforest or are grown in a way that mimics the natural rainforest. Never on plantations with only cocoa trees. Read more>

Read more about Original Beans

CHOQ in your establishment

Always looking for the latest trends and the best products for your customers? And do you have a little space left to place the CHOQ steamer of only 16cm? Are you solely looking for good, honest products? Did you always want to be able to offer chocolate drinks outside the winter season? Want to serve a fantastic alternative to coffee and tea? Or do you secretly want to become the best chocolate barista? Read more>

CHOQ inspiration

With CHOQ you can give your inspiration all space. Because for the winter season as well as for summer, we provide you with numerous recipes to make the finest chocolate drinks with our tree-to-table chocolate. Imagine several flavor combinations with different chocolates, beautiful toppings, combining with coffee products or perhaps liqueurs. To the photo gallery>

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